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"We know how hard it is to keep coming up with new hotels and ideas to attract the interest of all us coach operators. You could say that a wholesaler is a wholesaler, is a wholesaler, but there's nothing quite like the personal touch and it's good to know that over the years you have developed an understanding of exactly what we like, what we don't like and tailor our tours accordingly. To us that's worth its weight in gold and what we would call 'going the extra mile'. When it counts there is definitely no substitute for experience and you have that by the bucket full!"
CH, Owner
Coach Tour Operator (Gloucestershire, UK)

"Norman Allen Group Travel has been my preferred tour operator for more than 13 years, arranging tours to venues such as Uzbekistan and the USA, Iran and Istanbul, Cuba and Krakow; they have always provided the confident service sought by Group Organisers."
AK, Group Organiser
U3A (Yorkshire, UK)

"Having placed our loyalty with Norman Allen Group Travel for over 30 years, I find they operate in a most professional manner, always offering commitment to quality and innovation. A very experienced team who can be trusted in every way to deal with our requirements, however complex that may be, and always resulting in a first class presentation for our clients."
GA, Owner
Tour Operator (Hampshire, UK)

"I write to tell how happy we are with the company, Norman Allen Group Travel. They have arranged tours for us around England for years. The roundtrips are very well planned, nothing goes wrong and the people in the group are always very happy. We only do group tours, but we go all over the world, from California to Burma, but our favourite destination is Great Britain."
TE, Owner
Group Tour Operator (Asker, Norway)

"Our sojourn in Guernsey and Jersey was quite delightful, and I look forward to planning a holiday in the near future."
MW, Group Organiser
Theatre Group (Essex, UK)

"We have worked with Norman Allen Group Travel for over 25 years which in itself is a testament to their professional and reliable service. Their understanding of the coach touring market is second to none, providing quality tour ideas and an excellent service to match. Norway is a particular area where their knowledge and expertise has allowed us to be one of the industry market leaders, travelling to places where other operators have not yet reached. We believe their product is one of the best in the industry, hence the reason we have a long standing relationship, which will continue long into the future."
AM, Tours Co-ordinator
Coach Tour Operator (North Yorkshire, UK)

"I have booked through Norman Allen Group Travel for the last seven years. I choose a break from the brochure and adapt it for my group. Norman Allen Group Travel has never let me down and I am now in the process of booking next year's break with them."
YE, Outings Secretary
Retired Employees Association (Cheshire, UK)

"I like unique!  And I can always count on Norman Allen Group Travel to help me deliver that to my clients. I also like the continuity of staff and have developed some solid working relationships which makes it easier in producing outstanding group itineraries and then seeing that they are followed through on. Norman Allen Group Travel is always there to help me and because of their service I continue to have many repeat clients taking the tours we put together."
PS, Owner
Group Tour Operator (Illinois, USA)

"Norman Allen Group Travel has a superb eye for detail and the best of attention to customer needs."
FC, Special Events & Tours Secretary
DFAS (Herefordshire, UK)

"We have relied on Norman Allen Group Travel to provide quality tour arrangements in support of our coach holiday programme since 2001. We have always found them to be reliable and flexible – to understand our requirements in terms of quality and attention to detail that enable us to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. They understand what works for us and are prepared to research and develop our own suggestions or to put forward their own innovations and work in close partnership with us to fine tune new ideas. As a consequence we feel this on-going development has contributed greatly to growing our market share – providing customers with a tailored product that provides a feeling of luxury and aspiration and sets us above the mainstream."
SR, Manager
Coach Tour Operator (Dorset, UK)

"Norman Allen Group Travel is an organisation that we can rely on. The attention to detail in quotation and execution of the tours is amazing. Communication is open and honest and turnaround times are above expectation. We have particularly appreciated their ability to adjust or change a tour to fit our clients' budgets, theme or timetable. We are thrilled to have a partnership with Norman Allen Group Travel."
LT, Managing Director
Group Tour Operator (Victoria, Australia)

"I enjoy working with Norman Allen Group Travel. Everyone is very efficient and quick to respond to whatever requests/questions I have with expertise (and humour where appropriate), and every tour organized by Norman Allen Group Travel has operated perfectly smoothly. In fact, it is an absolute pleasure doing business with them as they really care about their agents AND making sure that they deliver the finest tours possible."
MR, Group Tour Organiser
(Vancouver, Canada)

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