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St Bénézet Bridge, Avignon

St Bénézet Bridge, Avignon

Chic France

France has something to offer every visitor, from the lively streets of Paris to the peaceful countryside of Provence and the impressive mountains of the Alps. Each region is unique in its landscape, food and drink, and attractions and all are fascinating to explore.

This is a stylish country which has a strong history, heritage and culture. With so many diverse visits to include in an itinerary, France can lend herself to almost any tour theme from religious pilgrimage to garden tours, and wine tasting to art trails. Many of these experiences are local and authentic which make for an unforgettable trip.

France can easily be included in a tour programme as a stand-alone trip. Given her central location in Europe, she is perfectly placed to be included in longer European journeys too. Either way, she will not disappoint visitors.


Highlights of France

Tailor-making your tour

Whatever your preferred hotel standard or budget, we carefully select the accommodation for your tour. With a wealth of contacts from well-appointed hostels to 5 star luxury hotels, we are able to tailor-make your tour.

Add to this the experience our team has in operating itineraries to this region: we are able to offer suggestions for attraction visits, meal arrangements, local experiences to give a flavour of the region, knowledgeable local guides and events as examples.

For more information on the above and to discuss your tour requirements further, do please contact us.